The best tennis betting markets for beginners

Although there are not as many events and markets here as in popular team sports, the betting types (markets) for betting on tennis matches are much more numerous compared to, for example, a horse race! In our opinion, a beginner tennis betting strategy can be based on the following simple markets. Outright winner Outright markets… Continue reading The best tennis betting markets for beginners

Tennis live betting

Tennis is a very fast game where the odds in the betting markets can change every few seconds! Betting live on tennis is accordingly very risky and is only recommended for experienced sports bettors who know both the player and the player perfectly! A viable tennis live betting strategy for beginners is to bet on… Continue reading Tennis live betting

Our recommended TOP-10 websites for tennis betting

You can bet on tennis at almost any online bookmaker, practically all year round. On the other hand, we have an advantage over sites that not only process small and large tournaments in detail, combine diverse betting options with favorable odds, but also offer live streaming in addition to live tennis betting! We would like… Continue reading Our recommended TOP-10 websites for tennis betting

The most popular horse races

Before you start searching for horse racing tips on the net, you should familiarize yourself with the most prestigious races. The following competitions – when they are approaching or are currently taking place – also dominate the offer of foreign online bookmakers. If your horse racing strategy is based around a favorite, if he participates… Continue reading The most popular horse races

Play Baywatch online

Baywatch is known for many things, the first being the beach. And the second is the beautiful people who try to protect the coast in red swimsuits. In the Baywatch online slot game, it’s your turn to protect the beach by spinning the game’s reels instead of saving lives at sea. In our Baywatch online… Continue reading Play Baywatch online

Play B-Boy’s Street online

B-Boy’s Street is an online slot game that really draws on old school hip-hop culture. Graffiti and break dancing are a huge part of the culture that sometimes transcends the music itself, so this five-reel, 20-payline game is great for players who want to relive the golden age of the art form. In this B-Boy’s… Continue reading Play B-Boy’s Street online

Play Beach online

Going to the beach is one of the most fun things to do, because there aren’t many things better than going to a place full of sun, sand and ocean. And part of the fun of the beach is that you can spin the slots for a chance at some bigger prizes than the ocean.… Continue reading Play Beach online

Play Bear Tracks online

Bear tracks are usually scary because they mean a potentially dangerous mammal is nearby. However, with Bear Tracks online slot, there is absolutely no need to fear. Players can spin through a forest full of forest images in hopes of stumbling upon a picnic basket full of prizes. Check out our Bear Tracks game review… Continue reading Play Bear Tracks online